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We've broken up our training videos into small modules that can be watched in a very short period of time. Most require less than 2 minutes to view. Since they are video, they may take a few moments to download. Please let us know if something is missing from this training. Email Suggestions

Getting Started

Editing Your Personal Branding Information: Upload your personal photo and more. (1:59)

Creating A New Show: Learn the basics of uploading photos and creating a new show. (1:58)

Making Changes To An Existing Show: Change any show as often as you like. Here's how. (1:52)


Adding Titles: Learn how to add and control the titles for any scene in your Show (1:17)

Changing The Order Of Show Photos: Photos in the wrong order? Learn how to rearrange them. (0:34)

Changing The Camera Movement: Want to create a more video like presentation? Here’s how. (2:47)

Changing The Music: Don’t like the song selection? This video will show you how to change it. (0:59)

Replacing Show Photos: Need to change a photo in an existing show? This video will show you how. (1:03)

Editing Buttons: Do you need a button turned off on your show? Here's how. (0:57)

Adding Additional Photos: Add an UNLIMITED number of photos to a secondary slide show. (0:57)

Replacing or Deleting Slide Photos: Need to replace or delete a photo. (1:02)

Adding Captions: Learn how to attach a caption to each photo created. (0:42)

Changing The Order Of Slide Photos: Learn how to rearrange your show photos. (0:42)

Managing Existing Shows

Autoplay: Change the default play status (0:52)

Connecting Shows : Link related shows together (3:16)

Marketing Shows : Tools to get the word out. (1:33)